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Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition suck?

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I am using Studio 2005 Express edition. ( The free one from microsoft's website)

And I also have C# Express edition ( Free also)

Visual Studio is good,but for some reason im getting a lot of errors while the code is perfect?! Also, I notice I dont need to know al ot of language to do it, since most of it is drag and drop and edit text.

C# many perfecct commands dont work,even after DEBUG mode. Is this normal?

I am a begginer programmer.

Also, if I develop a program using Visual studio Express, and I sell teh application, I dont need to accredit microsoft saying I developed it using Visual studio 2005 express right?

1 more question. how do i change a file from .VB to .EXE?

Thanks for all the patience
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You will need a compiler to make it executable. That probably means get the full version...

If something isn't working and the code checker says it's fine, you're probably using the code in the wrong way while it's technically correct. Take a break from it for a day and look over the whole thing tomorrow step-by-step and make sure everything is in a logical progression.
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