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Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition suck?

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I am using Studio 2005 Express edition. ( The free one from microsoft's website)

And I also have C# Express edition ( Free also)

Visual Studio is good,but for some reason im getting a lot of errors while the code is perfect?! Also, I notice I dont need to know al ot of language to do it, since most of it is drag and drop and edit text.

C# many perfecct commands dont work,even after DEBUG mode. Is this normal?

I am a begginer programmer.

Also, if I develop a program using Visual studio Express, and I sell teh application, I dont need to accredit microsoft saying I developed it using Visual studio 2005 express right?

1 more question. how do i change a file from .VB to .EXE?

Thanks for all the patience
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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