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VLC change track via Mouse Hotkey

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Hi guys!

I was just curious to know if anyone knew how to change the playing track on VLC using the mouse hotkey without causing the program window to open/show.

I'm using a Roccat Kone + on Windows 7 64 bit and using the mouse's SHIFT key + Tilt Mouse Wheel left/right it is possible the change the track but the VLC window pops up - the whole point of using the shortcut is to change track without interrupting my working / browsing etc.
I haven't had much luck with Google and VLC doesn't recognise the Mouse-key-combo in it's Hotkey options (although it clearly works).

Any ideas? I change tracks a lot while working!

Thanks in advance
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I think the change track feature only works with Windows Media Player which is why VLC is popping up when you switch tracks. I'm using a Roccat Pyra but use Windows Media Player when playing music on my office computer since we're not allowed to installed any 3rd party software and it works perfectly. Not sure if you can tweak anything on VLC preference to prevent it from popping up, might wanna take a look there and see how it goes.

Hope this helps. Cheers.
Hi BeastRider - thanks for the reply!

I've just found out how to make it work (lest anyone else comes accross this issue!)

Minimize VLC first. Then, expand your workspace windows (office, Photoshop etc). When VLC is not minimized (you assume it is because you've maximized several other windows after launching it) it pops ups when using the mouse hotkeys.

Interesting....thanks again!
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