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VMWare Workstation

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wondering if i can run like two msn messengers or yahoo messengers or like two steam accounts on one computer at the same time with vmware workstation, i dont have time to research on this so any help would be much appreciated, thanks
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I'd assume you could if you assign different IPs to each VM, but you'll more the likely have problems if you try running source games, other than server.
so if i assign diff ips for each vm and just use steam messenger it would be okay, but if i play games, is that more like a hardware issue?
thanks for the quick reply btw
There is definately a way of running two msn messengers, it's an option available in http://www.msgplus.net/

Probably something similar for yahoo, not sure about the vwmare issue though, sorry.
You could use something like Trillian, this is a messenger program that allows you to connect to multiple accounts.

Otherwise yes, you could potentially use VMware workstation. This would allows you to use two separate messengers, or two separate steam accounts. To allow two separate IP addresses ensure you change the virtual network adapter from NAT to bridged... that way your VM will have its own identity on the network and be assigned its own IP.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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