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Voltages Question

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After adjusting my CPU's FSB, should I adjust the CPU FSB voltage or the CPU core voltage?
Plus, when do I know to adjust the voltage? Sorry that I'm a total noob.
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Basics ( I can't do better) you adjust voltage to achieve stability. You want the lowest voltage that allows stability. Many of these experts know good rules of thumb that can save you time. If you increase FSB and are stable and happy (most are never happy, more is better)? Well if stable try lowering voltage to the point of instability? Or keep increasing FSB until you find instability. If you do the second consider upping voltage to achieve stability. On that last there are experts who can tell you what voltages are to not go beyond.

So if you have a clock you want and stable back off voltage as much as possible. Other theory is up voltage to max safe and find out what clocks it can handle.

That is the theory, I know it gets much more complicated as many voltages and the balance can be important.

I just wanted to give a little basics to someone new. Others will be able to help much more. Good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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