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I own this GPU

Was using MSI Afterburner to OC and was able to hit 900/900 core/mem stable in FurMark, problem is when I run any type of game the monitor goes out and a reboot is needed.

Voltage is locked on the GPU and leads me to think higher volts would stabilize this GPU for a decent overclock around 900/1200 max core/mem.


I did some searching and found a site with I believe to be an ASUS 6570 ddr3 1gb, right clicking and translating to English brings some light to the fog, but some things are still lost in translation to what I believe is caused through the languages slang words?

Now keep in mind these links show the OC and REMINDER: may need translated:

Shows in action.


These links are only provided to maybe/hopefully shed some light for someone to help me with my sapphire version of the ddr3 1gb 6570 model... I don't know if showing an ASUS model will do any good though.

So what I am looking for and need your help on is some info to raise voltage in a safe way to around 1.2v from the 1.0-1.1v current stock... the card is more than capable I think to run at 900core/1200mem, something I am worried about also is will I need better capacitors or something when overvolting by only .1-.2v?

Please provide me with any help you can I would like to at least get 20fps with dx11 in most games at min.

other ntoes:
MSI wont unlock voltage on the 6570

If needed I can upload pics and whatnot just let me know.

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the link you posted details adding the 50k VR for FB mod, to gain adjustable vcore... card will likely do +1ghz with air no problem..

All you need is;

spare wire from old IDE cable

solder gun


electrical tape

Digital Multi-Meter

...and about 20min ;)

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to memphis212, the card in video is Club 3D HD 6570 1GB DDR3 (Not Low Profile), By Flashing Bios From ASUS HD 6670 1GB DDR3, GPU-Z Says 'ASUS',
After This Trick, The Card Working with no mods at 800/900 MHz Clocks for GPU and Mem 100% Stability, Then Author Added VR for additional GPU voltage to raise 1000 Mhz GPU Core;)
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