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Hello Guys,
I am not so famous here on OCN but on other forums and especially Sweclockers im known as professional sleever and modder.
Sleevin is the number one love, but i wouldnt say that i didnt love Modding as much as sleeving just because both are my biggest passions.
I would love to have a logotype for my bussnies and builds but im am very bad at graphic designs and i know that i simply wouldn't make it.

Is there any volunteer who would like to create me a logotype for Kosovar Mods?
A loggotype, and a loggotype with text would have been perfect (A round version with text around the loggo and a simple classic one)

I want a professional looky loggo that i can use on theese applications:
-Custom stickers (for fans, case badges, engravings etc)
-Watermark for pictures

My maincolors would be red(more of an bloodred) and black

The design should somehow invalve this symbol but i would rather like you to make your own design of it and implement it in the logo.
Original Version: http://img3.etsystatic.com/002/0/7262042/il_fullxfull.381375079_hv5v.jpg
Renewed Version: http://www.albanianwallpaper.com/wallpapers/white_and_black_albanian_eagle-1024x768.jpg

Show me you different versions and i will pick the one which looked best
It there is anything more that you would like to know or hear, dont be afraid to ask me if so.

If this is done i can really start doing my website etc.
If there is one, or i you know anyone, tell them and please write below

Here are some that i really loved the concept of:

You can also visit my Facebook page for some insperation from my type of work.

Best regards
/Venhar Bara
Kosovar Mods
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