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VPU recovery, lock ups when using AGP X8

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I get lock ups and VPU recovery warnings and basically locking up completely every 5 seconds when using X8 AGP mode on Smartgart..
if i turn the AGP OFF(, i have no problem but it seems i might be running the card in PCI mode and that might explain the low performance.

I am using
AMD 1800+
RAM 512

Running latest 6.1 drivers.

I tried installing VIA AGP 3.0 driver.
I do not have X4 option on the smartgart. I only get OFF or 8X.
the system boots well on X8 but it locks up every 3~5 completely and gets VPU recovery warning ( rebooting/resetting warning) on any 3D game.

I just bought this card and i see no real improvment over 9100 i had.
and running the card on PCI mode might explain it.

The computer boots into 8X no problem.. it doesn't reset it to off like some ppl but the problem is i can't run the 3D applications as i get totally locked up and gets VPU warnings.

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I had that problem with an old card of mine also, I switched drivers until it worked at AGP 8x. Problem is I don't remember which ones I used...maybe 5.10, try an older one anyway since it's an older card.
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