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VPU recovery, lock ups when using AGP X8

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I get lock ups and VPU recovery warnings and basically locking up completely every 5 seconds when using X8 AGP mode on Smartgart..
if i turn the AGP OFF(, i have no problem but it seems i might be running the card in PCI mode and that might explain the low performance.

I am using
AMD 1800+
RAM 512

Running latest 6.1 drivers.

I tried installing VIA AGP 3.0 driver.
I do not have X4 option on the smartgart. I only get OFF or 8X.
the system boots well on X8 but it locks up every 3~5 completely and gets VPU recovery warning ( rebooting/resetting warning) on any 3D game.

I just bought this card and i see no real improvment over 9100 i had.
and running the card on PCI mode might explain it.

The computer boots into 8X no problem.. it doesn't reset it to off like some ppl but the problem is i can't run the 3D applications as i get totally locked up and gets VPU warnings.

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Please fill out your full specs in User CP (the link is on the top on the left-hand side).

Go to your motherboard manufacturer's website and install the latest drivers for your system. If that doesn't work see if they have an updated BIOS that you can flash to. If that doesn't work then you might have a bad video card or a problem with the motherboard. Try to get an RMA on the video card if you can (after trying everything else).
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