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[vr-zone]AMD Radeon 4890 (RV790) Exposed

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The guys at PCOnline Chinese forum revealed pictures of upcoming Radeon 4890 based on the RV790 core. It is a beauty nonethless. GPU-Z was not able to fill out all the information accurately but the clocks shows that the core is running at 850Mhz and memory at 975MHz and the device ID shows 9460. This is the standard edition which will be launched on the 6th of April. There will be another Extreme edition that is clocked at 950MHz slated for launch in late April. At the time of writing, first tier AIB partners are already preparing to ship out the cards later this week to distributors worldwide and we can expect to see some cards leak to the channel next week. Some internal AMD benchmarks has shown that the standard edition is some 6% faster than RV770 while the Extreme edition is 15% faster.
WOW! Its so nice!
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6% faster? if this is true nvidia does not need to release a GTX275 as it will still compete with the GTX260 216 pretty well. So maybe the 275 wont come out after all...
(overclocked versions of the 260 will match the extreme)
Source link please?

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WOW! Its so nice!
The Link
That leads to your thread xD
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