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W/C Setup - Modding - Tweaking (Pics finally)

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ATTN: Anyone knows where to get an apogee gtx bolt through kit for 775 please PM me. I am down to last threads grabbing on mine.

Ok, onto the rest

Well after some time of building and waiting for parts I have finally got pretty much up and running.

I am currently awaiting a package from Petras to get in with my Yate Loons and UV DYE so dont mind that part.

I am also in the market for a D5 Vario and 2 pass Dual 220 Rad to assist on the heater I put in the socket...

First the heater. Was running a high VID Q66 (1.31) that wouldnt get past 3.4. But would do it at 1.42v load and temps in the mid-high 50's on my h2o.

Picked up this L737B 1.21VID from the F/S section, and low and behold, its a scorcher. load temps peaked around 67c on same h20 - 3.6 @ 1.42 load. Was idling in the high 30's

So here is the fun i had last night and finally pics of my first W/C setup.

Here is the setup at start time.

The essentials

The misc tools

the space heater before



Ok, thats taken care of.

Now for the W/C setup

Copper Top GTX : Thank you tofunater

Black Ice II w/ push>pull (generic fans til post man gets her today-monday)

The 1/2 ID - 3/4 OD is unforgiving to bend and adjust, so this is still a bit hectic of an area.
But the DB-1 Pump

The Micro rev2 is up in the drive bay, highest point of loop

Ok, so my biggest area of concern is that my 285GTX Exhaust emptied right into the rad... And I was still having temp issues. So I decided to go straight ghetto for now...

Ok, Dont laugh

I spun it sideways to get direct room ambient air flow.

How you ask?

Straight Ghetto of course, with a piece of shelf metal bent to an L and some zip ties...

But, here is my changes and results.

Which matters most. My new load temps.. Only a quick shot about 10 min into a stress, but its about as high as it gets now...

Nice n cool at idle too.

So, hopefully with the Yate Loons, and once I either save enough for new, or find a deal on a D5 and 2 pass 220 Rad I will be getting back down into the 50's load, which is my goal....

Thanks for stopping by...
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