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W7 System reserved partition??!!!!

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Had to reformat :swearing:

Anyway the first time I installed W7 there was no such partiton stealing my edge(see pic).

What's up with that, can't get rid of it?
Any ideas?

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Originally Posted by minus.fireal
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It's for Bitlocker and WinRE. According to this site you can get rid of it.




For Windows 7 users who do not intend to use BitLocker, the 100 MB partition can be removed subsequently and easily in Disk Management, the built-in partition manager of Windows 7.

No elaboration!
Because I can't remove it with disk management.
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Nods, when I installed mine it asked me if it was ok to reserve the partition. I haven't run into an instance where I needed it yet, but it has only been a few days
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After a bit more reading, it looks like the partition can only be removed during a fresh install.
Sorry Grunion, jump the gun there.
Anyways whats 100mb going to do to you?
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