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Wall of Fans for [T][N][G]

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I got inspired to create my own wall of fans by seeing what Mariusz803 did with his HAF 932

I decided to get started on this today and I have the threaded bar cut and spray painted so far and I'll drill the holes for it after dinner.I should have it finished by tonight.It should drop my motherboard and CPU temps a little so I'll post before and after results too.I'll contact Mariusz803 later and we might get a tutorial going or something

Pics and more details to come later
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how cool! or how cool?
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good luck! i was thinking to do something like that
but i dont have $$$ =S

Originally Posted by Moparman View Post
Here do this.

Is that a mobo IO I see on the front panel lol
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I love the color scheme of Mariusz803 fans to the case. Looks great and the cable management is really good as well.
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