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Wallpapers & other photoshop stuff

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Well, I'm bored...a lot...I just moved into a new place lacking internet for another few weeks so I toy around in my precious photoshop. I don't consider myself to be amazing or a professional, its just a hobby of mine. But, Im slowly running out of things to do/inspiration...so...this is where you guys come in! Need a wallpaper/desktop, signature image (for another site/forum/etc), avatar, or computer case/car "painting" or mods done. Post up what you need or shoot me a PM.

The more detailed you can be the better the image I'll be able to produce will be, size being one of the most important factors, anything you can think of will help, color theme, also include any pictures you want implemented or just to give some idea of something similar that you want.

As I said earlier, I'm internetless, so expect your request to take ~24 hours.

Here are a few OCN themed wallpapers and a link to my dA.

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Nice. +rep for my new wallpaper. It's the "Unless we dream first nothing happens" one.

EDIT: Nvm. Seems Off-Topic forum doesn't have REP. A virtual thanks nonetheless.
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