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Want a new media player

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Mainly needs a toolbar like WMP

Doubt you can find one with less than 8MB memory usage, I got foobar and it uses 12MB D:

But i mainly want something different for a change
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Originally Posted by Aden Florian
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Are you wanting just a new player, or a new media library/player like winamp?

+1 for WinAmp and it does have player controls from the toolbar but unfortunately, I've yet to figure out how to get it to work with media buttons on your keyboard. My WinAmp with the library closed and having been up for 4 days straight is using 52MB of RAM. Not exactly lightweight but then again it's been running for awhile as well.

Opened up fresh, it uses 40MB. Still not lightweight.

Foobar is the only lightweight one I know. I know that Songbird is pretty good but it's not lightweight.
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