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Want more overclock - limitations?

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Here's the deal..

E0 Q9550
8GB OCZ Titanium RAM
ASUS P5Q-SE2 motherboard
120mm Antec fan in, 120mm Antec fan out
Arctic Cooler Freezer Pro rev.2

Core Speed: 3.4GHz
Core Voltage: 1.15V
Multiplier: 8.5
Bus Speed: 400Mhz
Rated FSB: 1600MHz
DRAM Freq: 400Mhz
Latency/Delay/Precharge/Time: 4-4-4-15
Memory Voltage: 2.2V

Here's the thing.. I'm new at overclocking and thus far have done alright I think.
I want to increase my core speed, but don't know the limitation of my some of my hardware.
I'm pretty sure I can OC the Q9550 to around 4.0GHz on air with my cooling setup.
At full load running Prime the max temp any of my cores reach is 54C- never higher.

What I don't know is; what do I need to set my memory timings to so I don't burn them up?
Also, if I run the bus speed past 400Mhz, it will start to OC my RAM. Is that ok?

Lastly, the FSB for my motherboard is rated up to 1600Mhz (which I'm at currerntly with my setup).

Sorry for the noob questions, but I need just a little push in the right direction so I can get this done right.

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Well first off read through this guide. Find out the limits of each major components of your system is key, that way you know what is holding you back. Plus once you figure out how to find out the limits you gain a good idea how you can make OC the best for your system.

Hope this helps
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