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Hey dagan. I understand what you mean. Who doesn't want to buy a good new pc hardware at the cheapest price. But...

Does a cheaper($40-45 less than the next best ssd) product worth the risk and the rage of the problems I'm sure you are hearing about?
Does it worth the risk of having for 1 week, 1 month, heck even for 1 year and after RMA it, with a possibility of losing precious data? Even if most of SSD users usually only have Windows/programs/games on it.

Of course the above can happen even with the most reliable ssd's, but it's of course much, much less likely.

Well if the answer on the above is Yes, then I suggest the NOT so reliable Vertex/Vertex 2 which is close to your price.

If the answer is NO, and no as yes it does worth to pay a small premium to get a more reliable and "better" drive, the I can only recommend the below.

Crucial M4 64GB
Samssung 470 64GB
Kingston SSDNow V100 Series

I'm sure like many other you will love those SSD's whichever one you choose.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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