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Want to over clock my AMD Athlon Xp 3000+

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Here it goes I have a PC I built and would like to boost the speed of my Athlon XP 3000+ . It is the 400MHz FSB 2.16GHz model and I can only get a stable run of about 2.13GHz. I would like to run it At about 2.4 Ghz.
My system contains:
Abit NF7 S2G mother boared
Corsair dual channel over clocking twinx memory 1GB 2-3-3-6(2 512MB sticks)
ATI 9600XT video card ( upgradeing to ATI X1600pro AGP in a week)
Diablo 550 Watt power supply
Creative Labs Audigy LS sound card
Seagate Barrcuda 120 GB and 80GB 7200rpm HDs
Window XP Pro
Case air cooled by 4 75.7 cfm 80mm thermaltake fans 1 Ultra 32 cfm 5.25 bay fan and 1 Ultra 37cfm slot fan
CPU cooled byThermaltake tower112 with 2 75.7 cfm Thermaltake 80mm fans
North bridge cooled by a generic fan South bridge cooled by abit heat sink

Well Thats the most of it the system is at default voltage settings. The system temp an load only gets to about 36c idles at about 29c to 30c.

So please any one with great and stable methods of over clocking my CPU please respond