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Want to replace Fatal1ty mobo

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I've got the A-bit Fatal1ty motherboard, with the 650 3.4. Right now I have it running smoothly at 3.9. no problems with anything. I'm wanting to upgrade my motherboard to something that can use all my hardware and that has more room for my Cooler. Right now I have the stupid plastic thingy ripped off so my Heatsink can fit. I want to spend around 200 bucks. I've been looking through other posts and I found one board I like and havn't found it since.

If anyone know's where there is a good review and comparison of boards, that's more what I'm looking for. The fatality is ok but I want something with a better Overclocking Utility that I can monitor from windows, and 4 or more SATA ports that's good for raid. The one that keeps poping up in the forums scares me cause people are having problems with the SATA Drivers.

Thanks for the help.
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The best S775 mobo in that price range is the Asus P5WD2 Premium. It's an overclocking monster, has plenty of SATA ports, and has several RAID modes available. You won't find a better board for the price.
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