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Want to silence Antec Twelve Hundred

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Haven't been on here in a looooong time.

Anyway have an Antec Twelve Hundred which is annoying me with the noise.

I have replaced the stock CPU cooler with the Noctua U12P SE 1366 which makes pretty much no noise especially over the case fans.

And earlier this week replaced the stock fan on my HD 4890 with the Scythe Mushasi (what a cooler!!).

So looking at replacing all the 120mm fans (5). Have looked at Noctua and Scythe but both are quiet expensive (end up being around £70 to replace the fans).
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Do you need the fans to be high CFM or lower CFM?

If you're looking at a higher CFM option, look into the Cooler Master R4s. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...-060-_-Product

Lower CFM fans that are quiet should be easy to find.
cut out the fan grilles. Those things are responsible for a lot of noise on most cases.
Not interested in LEDs. The current ones have grown rather annoying.

The R4's do seem to provide quite a bit of airflow at only 20dB which is rather impressive although looking around the quoted dB is a bit off as they are described as "a tad loud".

20dB would be the max I would go for, but ideally I would be looking at something around the 10dB-15dB region.

The Noctua is only 6.8dB and produces 33.5cfm. I would like to think I could get away with low cfm fans but I am not sure. I may try unplugging some of the fans to lessen the airflow and see what effect it has.
I vote for some yate loons and put them on a fan controller. Unlike most other fan makers they dont exaggerate the specs on their fans.

Originally Posted by tofunater View Post
cut out the fan grilles. Those things are responsible for a lot of noise on most cases.
That's a really good point. I did that on my old NZXT Apollo case and it quieted the aftermarket fans a lot. The only downside is that your case is gonna look like crap.
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Have cut the fan grills out (rear ones, not sure how to go about the front ones yet) and it has made a fair difference. But think I still need some more fans.

Will look at getting some new case fans and perhaps swap out the PSU fan.

Does anyone know what voltage the Corsair PSU's drop the fan to when low load is applied? I know the fan is rated at 30dB at 12V but I don't think it runs constantly on 12V.
Have a look at the XSPC Xinruillian fans, they're a poor man's gentle typhoon
One costs around £3 I think it was, and have heard positive things from them. I wouldn't go for the R4s, because I find them a bit loud and I'm also pretty sure Coolermaster exaggerate their specifications.

A fan controller would be a must too, the lamptron series offer a number of channels for multiple fans but all should be more than doable under £70.
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