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I am looking for a 2.0/2.1 channel setup that will satisfy my needs while I am in the dorm room. Basically I want to use it for hooking up to my computer and my TV. I don't need a genuine home theater experience, this is just mainly for music listening. I have a good quality Polk/Pioneer 5.1 setup at home but I don't want to lug all the stuff to college and the 12" sub would piss off the neighbors.

My budget is like $250. As I stated previously, I have a good setup at home so this setup is not meant to bust the doors off the place, just provide quality audio, volume is not the main goal. Like < 50W per channel. Squeezing out a setup with a $100 sub would be cool but not necessary if there is a 2.0 setup is this price range with decent bass. So in other words, I'm not a bass head if it the sound can satisfy without a sub.

I've been looking at cheap used stereo receivers but they look a little dated (not a big deal) and have many features I probably don't need. Should I get an amp and passive speakers or powered?

I've been considering things like these:

Audio Engine A5 Audio Engine A5
(a little high for my budget)
Swan M10s
Used Onkyo Receiver
SA-155 amp
Cheap Polk monitor bookshelf speakers & a PSW10 sub
Does anyone have any recommendations for powered speakers?
BTW is "Technical Pro" a legit brand? They seem to have cool looking, claimed 1500Watt amps for like $150 on ebay lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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