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Wanting to Upgrade To Windows 7

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So i am currently running Vista Premium 64 bit with service pack 2..... and i'm wanting to upgrade to Windows 7 64 Bit.... But i am hesitating on it lol.... What do you guys think? What are the advantages for upgrading?
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Unless you can pick 7 up for cheap, stick with Vista for now.

No real reason to go 7. It is Vista, a bit faster, and a bit nicer all around. But it won't really yield performance gains though.

Not yet atleast.

Though, if you are a student and can get the upgrade for $20 I would do it.
Windows 7 doesn't really do anything that different to vista I wouldn't say, its just a nicer interface with all the small problems fixed that were there on vista with a few extras as well. I'd say its worth getting since its pretty cheap for the home premium version, but don't expect any major differences from vista.
Upgrading to Windows 7 is similar to upgrading from 95 to 98, or from 98 to 2000, or from 2000 to XP: it's just a refinement of Vista.

Although, I think it's more than just a refinement. For example, the Taskbar is far superior for me. I mean, the Pinned Items feature is possibly my most favorite feature. One of the reasons is because I can open any of the first 10 pinned items from left to right using Windows Key + the corresponding number. So, the first one that's next to the Start button is WinKey+1. The 10th one is WinKey+0.

Speaking of the awesomeness of the Taskbar, I love that I can arrange things in any order that I want. I mean, the order in which they appear no longer depends on the order in which I have opened them.

I also love that I can use WinKey + any arrow key to Maximize, Restore, Minimize, Snap to Left or Snap to Right. That has come in handy several times for me!

Then there's Aero Shake. If I have tons of windows open and if I want to minimize all of them, then all I have to do is give the window I want to keep open a little side-to-side shake. Then when I want to restore them all, I just give it another shake. Or I can just press WinKey+Home (and then press WinKey+Home again to restore them all).

There's more, but these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. But regardless, I went straight from XP to Windows 7, and I am finding that I have never liked any previous version of Windows this much. But is it worth it to upgrade from Vista x64 to 7 x64? Maybe! I strongly recommend visiting Microsoft's Windows 7 site to learn all about it so that you can see for yourself:


And you may want to know which edition to get. Well, here are 3 very excellent comparison charts which show every difference and don't leave a single thing out:
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I have found the operating system itself to be a lot faster and more responsive than Vista plus I use less RAM at idle than I did in Vista. I upgraded from Vista Ultimate 64 bit to 7 Ultimate 64 bit and boy I am glad I did. Also the features that "TwoCables" mentioned definitely make using it more enjoyable imo.
I got a Win 7 voucher when I purchased Vista for my last build. Id been running Vista for about 3 months and installed Win 7 last week, after it arrived.

Man, its chalk and cheese... really. It faster, more reliable and much more intuitive than Vista.

Do it
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