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Warhammer Online 10 Day Trial-Recruit A Friend.

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This is my first freebie to OCN.

Firstly, I wanted to explain what this really is about.

I am an Ingame Item Specials and Content Junkie!
As a player of Warhammer Online they have given me the Ability to send Recruit A Friend Referrals to poeple, giving them the 10 day trial and if those people become paying subscribers I have the chance to get special in game items and Titles!

So of course these are completely free and Winners will be Email'd the Referrals.


After joining the 10 Day trial, Joining Destruction side on the Iron Rock Server, you will instantly be invited to my large RvR Guild with the largest most well rounded RvR Alliance in the game. We have set aside an Alt/Casual player Guild for Beginners that anyone from OCN is welcome to join.

New players set up under my refferal will also receive some Gold in game to get started (really not much need for cash in the game till much much later)

This is Also a great time for people to either Get back Into the game, or to get started, as they have rolled out the most recent update that simiplifies many portions of the game making it much easier to find groups of like interest, and to easily get involved with rewarding RvR or PvE Content.

Also currently running a Live Event to Unlock the Latest Character/Class release

Da Choppa! Orc DPS Class with very interesting build types and play styles for a hack and slash type class. With a new class being introduced, the lLower level Areas (Tier 1) wil be teaming with people with non stop RvR and PvE Action.

_________________Rules For Entry_______________

1. Must be Interested in Playing Warhammer Online.
2. Must have atleast 1 Unique Rep for something Legit
(Legit reasons, Helpful Advise, Build Suggestion, OC Information)
(Non Acceptable: Rep for A Funny Quote)
3. Not 100% requirement, but I will prefer for those interested, to join
Server on Destruction Side. I don't like Order, so order players are out.
Server Name: Iron Rock.
(Non US will nto neccesarily apply to this, if you wish to play on Oceanic)
4. Post your name and state whether you are Playign an MMO Curently,
If you played Warhammer Before and are interested in Getting back in.
And for those Over Seas interested Just state that you would be interested in this and wanting to join either my server in the States, or the Oceanic Servers (Our guild has players across the globe on the US Iron Rock server)

5. Winners Will be Decided Friday the 20th of March.

As stated, I have 6 Total, however, I will only be offering 4 in this Contest. Reason why? If someone really really wants one and really really wants to Pay to Play after the 10 day trial, they will receive 1 of my extra 2 ASAP =)~

Please, Feel free to post questions, Concerns, or PM me directly.
Only Posts in here with OCN Name and other required information will be applicable.

Winners will be selected at my Discretion.
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I would definitely like to give Warhammer a try.

Should I start downloading the client right now? Or you'll have to pick me first then I should get the client?
No one else want to Play with me =?
I followed Warhammer Online, and even tried to get into the beta at one point. I never bought it though because I had been playing WoW when it came out. I'd love to give it a try as I'm unsure if I'd like it or not.
Anyone else to play some Warhammer With me?

Lets all get together and eat some Dwarves!
I know there are more people out there who want to kill Dwarves with me =)~
me and a couple buddies want to play, I started a trial last night and it's only giving me two servers to choose from will your trial let us roll on iron rock?
Ah yes, the trial Invites give you access to the Iron Rock Server =)

I like Warhammer, coming off of 5 years of Dark Age, it's the only MMO I play. Although I'm not sure if hte WoW crowd will like.
I was planning on starting to play WoW again but maybe this could change my mind
In please
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ah yes,

<-- DaOC also for 5 years, I love my Pendragon's knot that i got from being a 5 year Daoc player =)

WoW players sometimes don't like it because the RvR is actually fun and competitive haha

Originally Posted by StormX2
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Ah yes, the trial Invites give you access to the Iron Rock Server =)


This is advisable, he's on one of the larger Core servers right now. Jump on these invites.

On the other hand, Dark Crag is superior

I agree though, Destro for the win.
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awwwww, thats too bad, I wish I had more OCN'ers with me on IRON ROCK!!!

We have been kicking tail, things are about to get really crazy too, because Some of the server Transfers kicked in, we have a few more higher ranked guilds, and Order is absolutely Swamped with Beginners haha

we are actually out Number'd as it seems, but somehow, We still end up on top, and I get to have fun on all my characters in RvR.

hard to choose just 1 class for me!
ok, fairly certain that all who asked for one has received one =)

made it easy, I had enough keys for all that wanted in so I did not use any raffle of any form.

I have 2 more saved for soemoen who asked to use one for Spring Break, so I might bring this back to life in a week or 2 after a few mroe Expire
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