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I was messing around with my 965 over clock ratio in BIOS with my stock cooler, and then I set it back to 3.4 GHz.

Ever since I changed this my CPU has been running unusually hot around 50c or so, and I just got a WARNING beeping about my voltage. I freaked, saved everything and restarted my computer lowering my modifier to 17.

my Asus PC Probe II gave me a warning and highlighted one of my stats in RED. It was one of the Voltages I think, but I'm not sure. What does this mean?

What are the voltages supposed to be at?

I just don't want my expensive CPU to be destroyed, even though I reset at stock.....

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Originally Posted by FriedSushi87
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Oh **** I'm in intel forum instead of amd.
I'm Sorry. I'm up late trying to finish homework and I'm thrown off by this.
It says my +3.3V is 3.48 V is this bad?
+12V is 12.39 V

Its normal for these voltages to be like that, usually the voltages are more accurately controlled when it gets to the electronics.
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