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Originally Posted by underdog1425
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Your logic doesn't work, you can't measure FLOPS without an actual calculation, linpack for example. Plus, I doubt that single chip is getting 800 gigaflops.

No. My math is perfectly fine. You're confusing the ability to actually use a CPUs maximum theoretical performance under perfect, single precision conditions.(FLOPS) as apposed to whats realistically available.

You can say the same for any processor...


Originally Posted by DuckieHo
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Where does it say this is distributed system?

Creating a parallel distribution client over Xbox Live would be a huge positive for something like [email protected] as you could potentially have millions more people folding. (I think this was the point of even attempting this on an 360, not for bragging rights)

See: [email protected] on PS3. No doubt using high-end GPUs would be cheaper and more productive if they are making a personal HPC, but this could be something that could take advantage of the 34 million Xbox 360s sold.
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