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Old dog, old tricks
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Hey, guys!

I made this little program for Watch_Dogs that can give you a few extra FPS if you play on dual-core system.

watch_dogs.zip 3k .zip file

- Requires .NET 4.6
- Do NOT replace the original file with this, this is not a crack, that's not how it works

- Rename the original "watch_dogs.exe" to "watch_dogs_main.exe", then extract this file in the same directory. Launch the game via Uplay as usual.

What this does is it sets the process base priority to High, and keeps it there. This gives fps even if you have no other CPU-hungry processes running. It makes no sense, I know, but that's how W_D's bugs are

Sometimes when you set priority manually via Task Manager, Uplay reverts it back to Normal.
The program keeps running while the game is on, bringing priority up to High if it gets reset at some point.
The program starts automatically when you start W_D through Uplay, and self-closes 30 seconds after you exit W_D, no need to end process manually.

On Celeron G1820 it gives +15 max FPS and +5 avg FPS.

The program does not modify or interface with the game in any way other than setting priority like via Task Manager, so you won't get banned.

There are many programs on the net that are used to set permanent priority for a process, but most of them have issues with 64-bit Windows, and anything past Win7. Also, they require starting with Windows, some create services, etc, it's terrible overkill if you just want to fix Watch_Dogs, and most of the time it doesn't even work.

This, in contrast, is clean, self-terminating, no services, no auto-start with windows, no UI. Hope you like it and it works for you

Post your CPUs and FPS gains, if you had any! Thanks


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