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Watchmen End is Nigh Game

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anyone tried it? downloaded it from steam for 20$ and its awesome, lol. i mean its really like a short game, 6 chapters and stuff. pretty bloody, im a fan of the comics, Movie was alright, game is alright too and it works well on the PC, graphics wise it looks great but gameplay wise its just beat em up wave after waves of enemies lol. 2 players is cool too.

Heres some SS.

sorry for the language, its part of the game
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lol the comments made me grin

Seems like a fun, yet repetitive, beat-'em-up game. Graphics look pretty decent as well.
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way decent graphics for a 2gb download! really a classic beat em up game at heart, just hit everything that moves, and the combos are just brutal. xD
i just watch that movie it was really good. but the graphics look way better then they should
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