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Hello, I'm new to building pc and specially water cooling, to be honest I wasn't event the one who put my PC together, I was given a MOBO as a gift and from that mobo i started buying the rest of the pieces I was on a budget so most of the parts i bought were used.

Everything else were simple enough except for the Video card I bought which was a used Radeon HD 6990 it came with an EK water block that was already installed so I decided to do water cooling, cause i also heard that the stock fan was really loud so it seemed like the best option.

So I was wondering what water cooling equipment would be the best to cool it with i do prefer everything to be internal, i was thinking about buying a Silverstone radiator bracket so i can put a radiator on the top part of the case, however i am having trouble figuring out which radiator will fit in my case can i only put a dual 120mm fan in it or can i go as far as a triple fan? also i don't know how thick it should be and would different thickness fit on that bracket? I am looking for the best internal radiator that can cool my Radeon HD 6990 and possibly my core i7 980x CPU.

I am also looking to upgrade my reservoir to a drive bay one maybe dual and of course the pump if any of you have any good suggestions for that as well I would appreciate it.

This PC will be mainly used for Gaming also to let you know what I'm working with here is a list of what i have in my rig:

CPU: core i7 980x
GPU: Radeon HD 6990 with ek waterblock
Chassis: Silverstone TJ09
MOBO: MSI bigbang xpower I
PSU: Seasonic 1000w Platinum
DDR: Gskill Sniper gaming 1866 2x8gb

(Recently purchased Heatkiller rev 3.0 CPU water block not installed yet)

PS I got a hand me down radiator, reservoir and pump cause i wanted to get the PC up and running already (i was excited lol ). I think its a thermal take single 120mm fan radiator and a small reservoir and pump, its not enough to cool down my video card cause when I play games it goes up to 90 degrees Celsius.


Silverstone TJ09 MSI Bigbang Xpower I Radeon HD 6990 Core i7 980x
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