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Water cooling for Q9650?

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I'd like to know what is the best water cooling system for the Q9650 that can help me to reach its full potential? I want the best in terms of performance that is not too pricey. Thanks in advanced!!
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If you don't mind higher cfm fans I'd look at a BIX, there a dual row high performance rad for cheap.360 BIX

You need some decent 120x38mm fans on one.86cfm Pana .These are what I use for rad fans.115cfm Pana .120x38mm fans have a higher static pressure and will perform better then 25mm thick fans on a rad. Well at least the thicker higher fin per inch rads.

Shrouds will get you a few extra C. These are the easiest and work as well as any.How To: Make any Sized shroud in 2 minutes

These are nice if you would like to make some, it can be easily modded to a rad config rather then the Bonnie.How To: Build A Performance Shroud

Some stuff you might like to read, I'd take my time picking parts, look around a little and you might save some money. Decide if its all out performance you want, high performance generally means higher cfm fans and a lot of rad surface area. If you don't like loud fans try to maximize rad surface area so you can use lower cfm fans.

I'll leave you my PDF also, it has some basic stuff in it.

..FAQ: Planning and Installing Your Liquid Cooling System

On these rad calc's enter your OC wattage, rpm of fans you would like to use, a bar graph will pop up on the bottom, thats your rad out water temp's delta to the rooms ambient. Try to keep that at 5C and under for good OC'ing performane, the lower the better of course. There is a shroud variable in there also, it shows how much gain you'll get by using them.

..Radiator Thermals and Radiator Calculators by Martin

..Water Cooling - In English
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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