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I would stay away from the uv coolant and get coloerd tubing instead. They are available in uv colors and will not gunk up your blocks.

Kill coil and distilled is the best in my opinion, but consider Bitspower true silver fittings. They work the same as a kill coil if you use enough of them.

Also when making your loop, consider adding a drain line near the lowest part of your loop (use a Y adapter or similar, and a drain-plug on the end of a length of tubing long enough to reach outside your case). This will make water changes much easier. You should change your distilled water every 6- months or so.

Make sure to flush our your new rad/s with distilled water before using the. Sometimes flux and other contaminates are left behind from the manufacturing process. just dump some distilled water into the rad and plug the holes with your fingers and shack vigorously, drain and repeat.

for the pump I prefer the land d5 type like this one-

There are lots of aftermarket parts you can use to pretty them up if you choose and even res-tops that can be used in conjunction with the 'dress up' kits.

For tubing, I like primo-flex. It's cost is relatively cheap and it has a great bend radius (flex without kinking) and lots of colors to choose from.
(also available from other retailers)

I haven't used any compression fittings yet, but if you choose to use them, make sure you choose the right size diameter tubing for them.. Bitspower makes the best fittings IMO (compression or normal). If you want to use the true-silver 1/2 high flow barbs, get 7/16" tubing (regular barbs only- not whebn using compression fittings)

check out these sites and compare prices and have fun building what will no doubt be an awesome pc


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