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Waterblock Dilemma

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A few weeks ago I got my Asus 780 with reference cooler and whilst waiting for the delivery I splashed out on the appropriate ek full cover block and back plate to go with it.

The problem is that I still have the block and the backplate sitting in a drawer waiting to be installed because I just cant bring myself to install them onto the card meaning removing the titan cooler.
I'm not a huge overclocker. I went for watercooling mainly because its quiet and when I was running my 580 phantom, the noise was far too loud for my wife as my pc is in the lounge (she loves my mechanical keyboard
) The titan cooler just isn't loud at all. Temps never exceed 80c on the card and it barely breaks a whisper.

The other problem is that when I bought the block I also upgraded to a 360mm x 45mm rad to go with it and thats been installed so the cpu is almost super cool and the machine is very quiet but its overkill for cooling a 3770k which usually runs only a mild overclock.

I'm just after a few opinions really. Should I remove the lovely cooler and install a pretty much non-descript waterblock or keep the lovely titan-esq lump on the side of the card.

Opinions welcome.
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As good as the reference cooler is and looks, the block is gonna cool better. while i don't know how your system is setup it doesn't matter how good it looks if you cant see it.
I'd say go ahead and install it - GPUs are so nice and quiet on water.

Or, alternatively, you could send it to me and I'll install it
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I think those answers are probably enough for me. Thank you gentlemen. I have something to do at the weekend now although the credit card needs to come out for some new tubing.
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Install it and look forward to a quieter card running a 50°C max (probably more like 40-45°C).
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