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Waterblocks for dual core cards

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Hey all, quick question. Do ek waterblocks for dual core cards (5970, 4870x2, gtx-295, etc) typically cost twice as much as their single core versions? Or is it the same?

Reason i ask is because I am interested in picking up a 5970, and subsequently a waterblock (EK). I'd like to know if I will be spending in the 100 dollar range for the block, or the 200 dollar range.
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the prices for blocksaren't generally twice as much but theyre higher than normal blocks because there is more surfare area to cool. The GTX295 releaseda revision in where both cores sit on one PCB, which (i would assume) leads to cheaper water blocks.

XSPC has a really cheap 4870x2 water block iirc.
Dual GPU water blocks are generally more expensive because they have to be bigger.
But, its not double the price.
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