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Shipping: Small items (fittings, small blocks) add $10. Large items (radiators, fans) add $15.

Will gladly do combo pricing when buying multiple items!

If local in the Silver Spring, MD area, I'll take $10 off orders of $50\+ when doing local pickup and cash (to offset PP fees).

6x Blue LED coolermaster 120mm fans - Some have fan headers, some are bare leads. All spin up quietly (bearings in good condition) - $2 ea

3x Noctua NF-A14 PWM - Used for only ~4 months. Includes original box and all accessories - $16 ea

EK-MOSFET RF4 - Used on Rampage IV Formula - $10

2x 2-DIMM Ram Waterblock - Nickel/Acetal - Possibliy Alphacool? Used on Corsair Domminator kit - $10 ea

XSPC Raystorm Copper/Acetal - First revision. Used on 3930k. I also made a 4x white LED ring for it. - $20

EK MSI GTX980ti Gaming 6G Waterblock with backplate - Some nickel plating coming off the top (see picture). Please note: I also have the GPU for this for sale (separate posting will be made). - $45

2x MCP350 pumps with XSPC tops - Tops have surface cracks near barbs (pictures should show these are superficial). Pumps have been used for ~5 years (reflected in price), but I just pulled them out of my system. - $35 ea

2.5x 36" White Monsoon Hardline tubing - Unused white opaque tubing - $15 for all

28x 1/2" OD White Monsoon Hardline Compression Fittings - Many have superficial scratches on top from the tool slipping while tightening. I didn't use all of them though, so the scratched ones can be used on the more hidden components. These are the older single o-ring model. Though it should be noted I never had a leak, and there are bags of unused o-rings included. For 1/2 OD hardline tubing. - $3.50 ea ($80 for all)

5x fitting spacer - Extra small spacer that doesn't screw in. New. - $2 ea

6x 3/8 ID Barbs - Generic barbs - $2 ea

8x 1/2 ID Barbs - Generic barbs - $2 ea

2x Fill/Drain Ports - Use G1/4 thread for a barb on one side, and a large ~1" hole that a collar screws in on the other side. Used in self-made cases for fill/drain ports. - $5 ea

1x Fill/Drian barb - Simple 3/8 ID barb with stopper for draining. - $3

2x Passthrough ports - Screw through a hole in a case with G1/4 threads on either side - $2 ea

2x Koolance Quick Disconnect 3/8x5/8 compression ends - Awesome for modular watercooling, These are the 'push and twist' to disconnect. - $35 for the pair

x XSPC RX360 V1 - Version one. Had a leak that was patched with solder and painted over. Held for years. - $45

2x Bitspower Water Tank 150mm - Tube only - $10 ea

Bitspower Water Tank 300mm - Tube only - $15

2x Bitspower Water Tank ends - End set (1-hole and 3-hole) and clamp set for mounting (note one is cut down) - $15 ea

Scythe Kaze Master Pro - 6-channel voltage controlled fan or pump controller. Have at least 4 temperature probes and 3 fan extensions. 5.25 inch bay. - $15


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300 & the 2x DDC still available?

i just pulled 3x DDC out of my 5 year old setup, n I think one's dead(head pressure dropped way down in last year), but I need a total of 4 to split my STH10 into a dual loop :p you don't happen to have the swiftech stock dual top sitting around do you?

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Did anyone get a reply? Still waiting.
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