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So I have an ST10-X on the way. Starting to pick up some other parts. Always wanted to do a water cooled rig, but never quite got around to it, so doing so now

I do have a couple of questions, any information or suggestions people could give would be great.

I plan to work towards a 3 rad setup with two 480 monstas (top and bottom) and one 360 in the front, all in push pull... just like this picture:

I'm really curious how I should set up intake vs exhaust. I've been googling for a couple of weeks and finding people who swear by setting it up every which way. All intake, all exhaust, mixed, etc. I'm curious on some opinions. I'll probably just try it a couple ways myself and see, but the more information the better.

I've been having a hard time picking out a couple things:

1) Fans

I really want to go LED fans, but it seems the best and most importantly most quiet (yet still good airflow) are non-LED. I kind of like the idea of modding my own fans for LED, any recommendations one ones that look good while modded for LEDs but also perform well while being quiet? The gentle typhoons seem to be highly recommended but not sure how good they will look with LEDs?

2) A pump

There doesn't seem to be many review sites that dig into the specific water cooling products... any pump recommendations, one that I can start with a 360 rad and add two 480s to? Also should I set a goal of setting up multiple loops? With enough rads it seems like that would be wise, but completely new to this so any knowledge from experience would be appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions or info shared. Been following this site for a couple of months, especially the case labs section and build logs. Can't wait for my case =0
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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