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Wats a good temp program?

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I was wondering wat program i could download so i can see wat temp my comp is at?
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Core Temp, RealTemp, HW Monitor, Everest++... Just Google it!
Everest is the best program for monitoring the copmuter imo..

Real Temp
Core Temp
HW Monitor
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Thnx and wat temp should my comp be at? its 50C right now
How do i look up my specs? lol

i have a quad core processor
HD 4870 512 Video Card
an 850TX PSU
room temp is maybe like 70. AMD Phenom II X4 940
stock cooler and no overclock then? and you really should go to your "User CP" and just add all this info in your system that why it auto shows on posts and makes it easier for everyone. if so then I would get an after market cooler then reseat the cooler make sure your not applying to much or to little Thermalpaste
Ah i guess u could call me a newb wit comps lol i just built my comp today and got it working but i thought it was a little hot so i came to the best web forum site eva lol. but i just filled it out to the best of my knowledge
My post is redundant but Ill put my vote in as well,
Everest Ultimate (proves the most accurate IME), CoreTemp is another very accurate program. I like Everest b/c of sidebar support as well as Systray/taskbar icons. I also use an Asus Utility that came with my mobo called PC Probe II. Its flexible like Everest and has been very accurate.

DTD I use Everest and when testing/benching/stressing Ill cross check with Core Temp and PC Probe II

I also have an Ultra MD3 Card reader with a USB/Firewire/eSATA port as well as fan controller and 2 temp probes. I place one between the DIMMs and the other on the HSF by the CPU, and always within +/-2*C of these programs.
You could try just reseating the cooler that you have but if your looking to do an overclock look to pick up an aftermarket cooler
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