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Way to see if a windows key is being used?

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OK, I have 4 Vista Ultimate keys. I am using one on my main, gave one to my sister and another is in a rig I built for a friend. My issue is I have no idea which one was used where. I'd like to see which of the 4 is still good. I can verify the one I am using, but I don't have access to the others PC for a few weeks. Is there a way for me to see which of the 4 keys have been used?
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maybe call microsoft?

or use a key pulling program on each of the PC's? SIW is one. if you don't have physical access to the PC's, ask the person using the PC to run it for you.
I use Belarc Advisor to check the keys on the machines themselves. It is very easy to install and use, so you can send the link to those with access to teh computer to run it.

I will have to give the link from jlchavis0844 a try, but it does not look like it gives the status, just they info.
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