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WC Noob questions

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Never tried WC before, and I am trying to decide if I should give it a go. Right now my machine is pretty loud, especially with the 285 when it ramps up. So, I can either pop $50 for an aftermarket cooler (again) or maybe try something new.

So the questions:
1. Is water cooling really silent? Or do you hear pump/fan noise still?
2. Do you still need case fans or can you unplug em?
3. Is it better to buy individual components and build the wc system up or just buy a kit with everything included?
4. What is the approximate cost to get a decent wc rig set up for the system in my siggie?
5. What are the downsides? Like leaks, needing constant attention and inspection, maintenance, etc.
6. Who should go for a WC rig?

I would love to have (like all of us I suppose) a silent or near silent rig that requires low maintenance and upkeep. Like I dont want to have to remember to top off the fluid after coming back from a vacation or my system will fry.

I would love to look at some recommended components or systems that people think would work well for me, any links are greatly appreciated!

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1. It can be silent or extremely loud. It all depends on how much airflow you need to dissipate the heat from the coolant. For example, if you have a couple of graphics cards on a 120 radiator, you will need a hell of a fan to cool them sufficiently. However, if you put it all on a 480 radiator, you will hardly need any airflow. Most pumps are very quiet.
2. Case fans are still required. Many things that are not on water blocks such as NB, SB, RAM, HDDs, etc. still need airflow.
3. You can nearly always get better performance from a custom system. It is also much more flexible, obviously.
4. What components do you want to cool?
5. Leaks are definitely a concern. However, a properly assembled loop is very reliable. You won't have to add fluid as it is a closed system. Occasional maintenance includes draining fluid and replacing it periodically. Unless something is wrong (never cleaned the components before assembly, allowed algae to grow, etc), that's all you need to do.
4. Depends on what you want to cool. For a cpu only loop you can look between $150 to $300.
5. If your not using heavy additives like dyes you can get by by changing the coolant every 6 months or a year. If you get a res you can easily tell when the fluid level is low. Refilling takes less than 5mins.
6. Whoever wants to overclock like crazy or have a silent comp.

Cpu: GTZ http://www.jab-tech.com/Swiftech-Apo...k-pr-4246.html
Rad: MCR220 http://www.jab-tech.com/Swiftech-MCR...k-pr-3199.html
Pump: D5 vario http://www.jab-tech.com/Swiftech-MCP...p-pr-2982.html
Res: Micro res v2 http://www.jab-tech.com/Swiftech-MCR...2-pr-4312.html
Fans: http://www.jab-tech.com/YATE-LOON-12...2-pr-3009.html or http://www.jab-tech.com/Scythe-S-Fle...E-pr-3256.html
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My WC pump is quiet as a mouse. DDC xspc res top on a Swiftech MCP355 18w. It creates virtually no sound at all.

The loudest components in my set-up are the fans. They suck if you go down the Yate Loon route. Cheap fans pretty much suck and are loud. You can get controllers and halve their speed, which just slightly increases temps, 2 or 3c with mine., its much quieter. And you stay sane.

I am probably not a very good example because you should pay a lot of attention to the loop considering what its cooling ... but I have only just bothered to change the coolant and cean the radiator after a year of untroubled usage. Its a good half a day job clearing all the dust and crapp from the fans and radiator and then putting everything back together again.

Amazingly there was no fungus or any other junk growing inside

The only downside with watercooling are the costs. If you can afford to watercool your computer you are instantly elevated to a Godly computer dork. Real chick magnet overnight. Trust me!

$50 will probably just about pay for the fans needed, you can probably treble or quadruple that total figure when thinking about all your watercooling parts needed.

IMO Kits are generally junk. You always end up wishing you spent a little bit extra on something in the loop. Kinda reduces the satisfaction of picking and putting together your own loop.

Only consider watercooling if you have the spare money to do it properly with decent components. Recommended components too, the guys in this forum know their stuff!
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