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WC pump / res / rad advice needed

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I'm trying to wrap up plans for my new rig but need advice on the best way to cool it given the space limitations I have (space limitations with 800D? yep, read on). Here is a rundown on what I've picked or plan to reuse.

Case: 800D
Mobo: Asus P8Z68-Pro
CPU: i7-2600K
GPU: 2x EVGA GTX-580 3GB
HDD: 6x 3.5"
Optical: 1x 5.25"
Fan controller: 1x 5.25" (5 or 6 channels depending)
Blocks: Koolance CPU-370 + 2x VIDNX-580

Cooling options:
Res / Pumps: Koolance RP-452X2 + 2x PMP-450 + CTR-SPD24X2 controller

I like the KL res + pump + controller combo. It offers a number of options for single / dual loop cooling. the downside is it eats up 3 of my 5 front bays. Add in my optical and a fan controller and that is all 5 front bays. My 6 HDD eat up all of my internal bays.

The GPU cooling loop seems pretty obvious:
- Res1->Pump1->RX360->GPU1->GPU2->Res1

The CPU cooling loop is where I am stuck.
- I can't do the usual 'remove the lower HDD mount' unless a lose 2 of my HDD's.
- Would a single RX120 mounted in the lower space be enough to cool the CPU? Could I make up for lack of radiator with higher flow rate?
- What about adding another 120mm rad at the rear exhaust (internal or external)? I know there are space issues but I can be flexible about where / how I mount the radiator and fan.

Another option I came up with was to buy new drives and rearrange my storage. That would allow me to free up the lower HDD mount. Lots of folks seem to be migrating towards SSD's for their boot drive but I'm concerned about reliability. I've seen a number of issues reported recently. What are overclock members experiencing?

Options I've considered include:
- A pair of SSD's raid1 for boot plus a pair of HDD's raid 1 for storage.
- Drop the external pump controller. Put the 2 SSD's in a single 5.25" adapter. then add a 4xHDD raid10 for storage + speed.
- Keep the pump controller, drop the SSD's, and go with a raid10 arrangement.

And there are other options like dropping the RP-452X2 and using a different pump / reservior so I can move 2 of my drives up into 5.25" slots.

Does anyone have other ideas? Other possible case mods?

Thanks in advance!
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