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WC pump / res / rad advice needed

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I'm trying to wrap up plans for my new rig but need advice on the best way to cool it given the space limitations I have (space limitations with 800D? yep, read on). Here is a rundown on what I've picked or plan to reuse.

Case: 800D
Mobo: Asus P8Z68-Pro
CPU: i7-2600K
GPU: 2x EVGA GTX-580 3GB
HDD: 6x 3.5"
Optical: 1x 5.25"
Fan controller: 1x 5.25" (5 or 6 channels depending)
Blocks: Koolance CPU-370 + 2x VIDNX-580

Cooling options:
Res / Pumps: Koolance RP-452X2 + 2x PMP-450 + CTR-SPD24X2 controller

I like the KL res + pump + controller combo. It offers a number of options for single / dual loop cooling. the downside is it eats up 3 of my 5 front bays. Add in my optical and a fan controller and that is all 5 front bays. My 6 HDD eat up all of my internal bays.

The GPU cooling loop seems pretty obvious:
- Res1->Pump1->RX360->GPU1->GPU2->Res1

The CPU cooling loop is where I am stuck.
- I can't do the usual 'remove the lower HDD mount' unless a lose 2 of my HDD's.
- Would a single RX120 mounted in the lower space be enough to cool the CPU? Could I make up for lack of radiator with higher flow rate?
- What about adding another 120mm rad at the rear exhaust (internal or external)? I know there are space issues but I can be flexible about where / how I mount the radiator and fan.

Another option I came up with was to buy new drives and rearrange my storage. That would allow me to free up the lower HDD mount. Lots of folks seem to be migrating towards SSD's for their boot drive but I'm concerned about reliability. I've seen a number of issues reported recently. What are overclock members experiencing?

Options I've considered include:
- A pair of SSD's raid1 for boot plus a pair of HDD's raid 1 for storage.
- Drop the external pump controller. Put the 2 SSD's in a single 5.25" adapter. then add a 4xHDD raid10 for storage + speed.
- Keep the pump controller, drop the SSD's, and go with a raid10 arrangement.

And there are other options like dropping the RP-452X2 and using a different pump / reservior so I can move 2 of my drives up into 5.25" slots.

Does anyone have other ideas? Other possible case mods?

Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by coolhandluke41;14237455
single DDC 3.25 or 35X/tube res -single loop will give you 1GPM and save you a lot of space ,you can have quad and dual rad with minor moding
The 35X plus tube res looks like a real good option! I read over Martin's review and it sounds perfect. I assume you mean mounting the dual in the lower compartment and the quad up top? Do I need the quad in this configuration or would a tri be enough? For a loop:

Res/pump->quad->gpu->gpu->dual->cpu->res and let the pump run full power?
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Originally Posted by charliehorse55;14239156
I have a single 480 radiator in my 800D and I love it. I think with your loop a thick single 480 radiator would give you enough cooling power without having to mod the bottom.
Hey Charlie! Thanks for the feedback [+rep]. I haven't checked into the 480 on top yet. Did you DIY or use somebody's guide? What rad do you use?
If you just mod the bottom to mount a 240 radiator horizontally the air it sucks in will be warmed before going through the 480, making it almost useless. The correct way to mod the bottom is to cut holes in the side of the case for exhaust to allow for the hot air from the 240mm radiator to be exhausted out the side of the case before it can interfere with the 480.
Yea, that makes more sense than what I've seen. Sucking air in the bottom of the case and then passing it into the main chamber. I wonder if you could do 2 120's on the bottom blowing out both sides? Have you seen any guides on side venting as you suggest?
I would let the pump run power all of the time, however if the noise bothers you hooking it up to the CPU PWM header is a good way to have it automatically controlled.
Again, makes sense. I asked more because I was concerned about having enough pressure with a single loop with my 2 gtx-580 space-heaters
. I probably should have asked, "would I need to run the pump full power?"
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Originally Posted by Tiger S.
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Try to find a fan controller that is a little longer for the 800d. One that can reach the second screws and not teeter.

Hey tiger! Do you have one you prefer? Have you had issues with some?


Originally Posted by theseekeroffun
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CHL always gives good advice. A tube res is much better IMO, res at the top and pump the at the bottom, much better for bleeding. Just my 2 cents.

Hey Seeker! Yup, I've read enough of CHL's posts to know he knows this stuff. the KL res/pump was on my list because (a) it is pretty cool, (b) I saw it on their site while I was shopping and (c) its gotten good reviews. But it was obviously not the best choice for me. The 35X with tube res is a far better option and gives me the space I need. Now I just need to figure out the rad size / placement.


Originally Posted by SlideRulz
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I have a 800d with a 360 in the top and a 240 in the bottom, 3 way sli 470's, my idle temps are around 38 and 62 under full load when folding. The 480 in the top is a good way to go, I do suggest to go parallel cooling on the gpu's instead of serial.

Hey Slide! (Ok, that's my last Hey). So you think I need the 480 + 240 as well? I do think Charlie made a good point. Sucking air through the 240 and into the main chamber of the case does not make sense to me. How do you have your 240 oriented? Do you have the rear 140 reversed so it is sucking air into the case?

Parallel on the GPUs makes sense but how would I do it with the KL blocks? A Tee before and after the GPUs? Does someone make a custome parallel fitting? [maybe I should change my name to 'too many questions'

A question for all of you: Do you use SSD's? Should I stay away from them?
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Originally Posted by coolhandluke41
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the max (Furmark+OC CPU) heat load (total of your system)=around 777W
medium 720W
you have to decide what type of fans/rads you want to have (FPI/RPM)=noise
here are great comparison of most RADs ;
15º Delta: Low Performance, an overloaded but capable loop.
10º Delta: Average Performance, very capable of good temps and representative of an average system.
5º Delta: High Performance, for those of you looking to achieve the best possible temps.
2º Delta: Ultra Performance. extreme setups only, this would be an ultimate setup where you limit to dedicated block loops.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


You say I have to decide, but isn't part of the choice going to be governed by what I need? I'd certainly prefer a quieter solution. And from what I read in the skinneelabs review, every radiator performed well in the middle (~1500RPM) range.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be difficult. My answer would be whatever I need. I'm not worried about cost (spent too much already) and not concerned about how it looks (Im getting old and dont see as well as I used to
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Originally Posted by charliehorse55;14244451
I used an XSPC RX480 radiator in my 800D and it's top mounted. I cut out the existing grill with a jigsaw and lengthened it as well. I then installed a radiator grill and used that to mount the radiator.

Here is a nice post that shows how to mod for a 480 and how to properly position a 240:


Here's another view:

750W of heat load on the RX480 is like 562W on the 360 Radiator (750*3/4)


So as you can see if you want a 10C delta (usually a good goal) you'll want around 1800 RPM fans. 1850 RPM GentleTyphoons would work nicely for this purpose. Your computer rarely manages to even get close to the TDP anyways, so you will usually be under 750W.
Nice pics--very clean. So do you lose one 5.25 bay or two? It also looks like the builder removed the lower 140 fan to get clearance for the 240 rad. I have to wonder if the main chamber gets enough air? Of course, you have 4 120's at the top pulling air through the rad so that helps. For your build, did you reverse the rear 140 or is it still exhausting air?

It was definately too late (and too many beers) last night. I can now see why the 480 is needed for the 2x gtx580's. For fans, would it make sense to go up to the GT 3000rpm and use a fan controller so that I'd have more delta T if I wanted / needed it (for instance when I'm folding)?

I was thinking about my loop some more. I'd think I want the 480 after the 2 GPUs and the 240 after the CPU, right? So something like res->pump->2xgpu->480->cpu->240->res?
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Bump! Its got real quiet in here.

- Any feedback on my loop order?
- Any thoughts on orientation of the 240?
- What about fan direction with this setup? Pull or push on the rads?
- What do you recommend for the lower and rear fans? It looks like the lower has to go unless you move it inside the main compartment.
- What about the rear fan--exhaust or intake?
- Is it worth replacing the 3 stock 140's with something better?

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