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WD Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 rpm SATA2...
I'm trying to somewhat update my system. The motherboard I'm getting supports SATA2 and this drive is $96.00. I know alot of gamers seem to like the Raptor series, but I can't afford that much on a HDD. I was thinking about getting 2 of them. Origionally I was looking at either a Seagate or a Maxtor, but have been seeing some bad reviews as to their off-the-line SATA2 support. Also, since Seagate now bought maxtor/merged with them/whatever, problems from one company might be carried over to another. WD seems like a sturdy brand to me, seen them forever, haven't heard a whole lot of complaints about them....
Just wanted a second opinion....
Or 25 opinions
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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