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WD Raptor 74gb in RAID or single 1.5TB Seagate?

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Hello guys,
I have a couple Wd Raptor 74gb 8mb SATA150 hard drives that i pulled from my old dell.
Currently i run my computer booting from a single Seagate 1.5TB drive.
Would booting from those old raptors add any performance to my computer?
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I'm pretty sure that those two drives in RAID-0 would boot much faster than the seagate. Seek times will be way lower and average read/write times should also be a bit faster. I'd do it if you've got the Raptors on hand, nothing to loose!
The reason i'm asking is because they're pretty old... about 5 years.
I have not really looked into hard drives, so i don't know how the technology has progressed.
If the performance difference is minimal, then it's kind of pointless to add the risk of losing data, and to have to endure the loudness of the drives...
I'm sure 5 years wouldn't matter. HDD's typically don't go really fast. They're still Raptors, and having 2 in RAID-0 will surely make them faster than your Seagate, unless it had a huge cache of like 32MB.
I'm sure the seagate does have 32mb cache, but that won't make much difference for boot speeds.

I sure wouldn't replace the seagate with them, but as long as you backup and all you don't risk data loss. You can even leave an os on the seagate so if the raptor array fails, you just switch boot priority and are good to go. I'm sure someone's benched two of them in RAID-0 if you want more concrete data on just how much faster they'd be
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