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Web 2.0 Job Titles

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With the boom of Web 2.0 technology came a slew of new positions. Here are some of the stranger new-tech job titles.

Chief Evangelist
Head of a company's sales and marketing team

Virtual World Bureau Chief
Head of a news bureau in Second Life

Brand Champion
A PR person for a particular company's brand

Senior Interface Hacker
Writer of code to build applications and create user interfaces for podcasts

Web Product Demigod
Creator of open-source content management systems

Online Audience Development Manager
Head of effort to get a company's site to the top of a Google or Yahoo! search results page

[Source: PC Magazine]
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Cyberspace is getting stranger by the minute. LOL
I forgot what company... but each person there had their own unique title like "Spam Wrangler" or something.
im somewhat of a 'web product demigod' at my student job at university

i think there are many more titles like this, forgot where i saw them though
Sounds like a load of balls to me
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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