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web server on vbox question

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With my sig PC, would I be able to run, lets say an ubuntu web server or another copy of windows xp well and still be able to game/convert movies without too much slowdown/lagging? any tips?

It's more of a blog site or 2 max. Nothing heavy, ftp/email/web are the main thing's i'd be using. maybe a small database(mysql)
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If you're planning on running any virtual machines in production, instead of just learning & development, you should probably do it on a dedicated system.

Your current system can handle a bunch of VMs without a problem, but you'll commit a good chunk of your RAM. So if you have 3x VMs with 512MB of RAM each, your host OS will "lose" access to 1.5GB of RAM. That's 1.5GB of RAM that any games won't have access to.

I normally shut down any virtual machines before loading any games, but those are development VMs and not "production" systems. Other than games, you should be able to do everything else you normally do. Even ripping / converting movies - those tend to be I/O- and CPU-intensive, so as long as your virtual machines aren't heavily utilized you should be okay.

Anyways, best thing to do is just download and get started. Best way to learn through experience anyways
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What he said.

In your case I'd definitely recommend you spring for another 4GB of RAM before you run too many virtual machines 24x7. If you're just running one little site, 512MB would be more than enough for the VM, but I guarantee you it won't take a day before you're doing a LOT more with it than you expect.

See also my virtualization guide.
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Why run a VM for a web server, when it's for personal use? Makes no sense.

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Why run a VM for a web server, when it's for personal use? Makes no sense.
Virtual machines let you keep things wholly separated from each other. In a home environment this helps you keep software bloat under control, for instance. If you don't like the setup you can just blow it away and start over, and your main setup is totally unaffected. Or, you can copy the setup and make a whole bunch of machines based on the copy, or roll it back if you screw something up. Lots of possibilities.
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