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I am sure a few of you (as do I) have AMD/ATI GPUs.

I am also sure that you may have noticed your W.E.I. (Windows Experience Index) score for you GPU may have dropped to 6.0 after a AMD driver update.

You may think, "my 6950 is showing up as 6.0?" or "last time before, I scored a 7.7, what's all this then?"

Believe me, this has happened to me. I fixed it!

I hope that this fix, will fix it back to the high score you used to have.

(I know W.E.I. is not the be-all-end-all of benchmarks, you don't need to post about that, this is simply to help show the proper scoring of your AMD/ATI GPU.)

I found out that it wasn't my GPU driver's fault, I just needed to update my chipset!

When you download the intel chipset make sure you download the zip version. The exe one will not overwrite existing drivers, and this is what we need to do.

here is the link to the ZIP format one:


the file is : infinst_autol.zip

Okay, now what you will need to do is unzip this onto drive C: (root)

so it looks like this: C:\infinst_autol

Now to force an overwrite, you need to open a CMD window (type: CMD in search box in Start Menu)

In the black DOS window, type: CD\infinst_autol
It should say: C:\infinst_autol>
now type: setup /overall

the Intel Install window will show, click next, etc.
let the install program run
Then you will be prompted to reboot. It's really important that you please reboot!

Finally when your system comes up. Run WEI again.
Hopefully your scores will be back up to the proper specs!
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