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My 5 yo 22" Dell S2209W "cheapest 1080p wDVI available" monitor is giving me trouble out of the blue.

All of the sudden, it decided to stop working with all the Windows machines I own though the DVI port. It will work fine using the 15pin VGA port, will work fine with a Samsung 3 Chromebook through a HDMI->DVI cable, it just won't work with either nVidia or AMD cards connected in any way.

Have a i7 laptop with a 58xx series Radeon M + HDMI out - won't work.
C2D laptop with GT130 HDMI out - won't work
Titan - won't work, HDMI, DP-> DVI, DVI-I -> DVI or DVI-D -> DVI.
GTX 660, same deal.
W5000, V5900, V7900, Quadro 600/2000/K2000/4000 - no go through either DVI or DP->DVI.

Swapped DVI cables - could be the cable - no difference.
Plug my U2711 in either of those GPUs - works fine (1080p through the HDMI->DVI cable, but still, it works).

Plug the same HDMI cable I was using for ages in the Chomebook in the 22, and it works great, what teh_$!*@%*(%*@%* ! The port is not "exactly broken" then.

Mind you that there was no driver changes on most of those machines, but the issue is not in Windows - the monitor won't come on even to show the post screen.

Plug the same monitor through 15pin, and it works...but I don't care about VGA cables, I want to figure out what's wrong!

Plus many of the cards I'm using have weird outputs and I don't want to get DP->VGA adaptors for that silly lil monitor!

Any ideas?
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