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Weird Ordering happenings, OPINIONS???

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So last Tuesday (march 3rd) i ordered my ram and heatsink from Directcanada.com so i get all the emails about shipping and what not, and come Thursday i get home and am greeted by a beautiful medium sized box. so i grab a knife and open her up, and what do i find, only the heatsink is in the box
. so i email directcanada, and they inform me that the ram is "out of stock", when ordered it i checked to make sure, and it was in stock, and when i got this email say it was out, i quickly went to check, and yet again, "In Stock". The rep that emailed me said it would take 3-5 business days from Thursday for it to become in stock again and then they would ship it out.

Im just wondering what your guys opinions on this would be, im not sure weather there actually out, or what. cause the site clearly states they are in stock???

If this is in the wrong section, mods can move it, but i didn't know were else to go.

Thanks guys, im hoping it comes in withing the next couple of days.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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