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My setup is: Hisense H65N5750UK, Pioneer VSX-529-K, PC (1080TI)

I have a problem with 4k 60hz from PC > AV > TV (HDMI), in that it only works at 30hz. If i select the 60hz option the singal is not transmitted.

So you would think that the problem is the AV or the cable (its 3metres, maybe slightly more). But If I plug the cable direct to the TV then 4k 60hz works fine, so it cannot be the cable.

So that leaves the AV, but if I run my PS 4 Pro through the GAME hdmi input on the AV then that works fine at 4k 60hz. So it also isnt the AV as it works with the PS4 and the amp can certainly do 4k/60hz. and ive tried it in the same port with the PC but doesn't work

I did notice that on Nvidia display panel (the View HDCP Status tab) it has the following alert message: "A repeater is connect to your system. Some video applications do not support HDCP when a repeater is present"

Does anyone know what the problem is because I don;t really know but HDCP shouldn't make 60hz not work surely?
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