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Weird Temperature Readings on Q9550

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I just got a Q9550 B1 revision free from my Uncle, who works for Intel so I replaced my Q8200 with it. I have not OCed it yet, so sitting on stock @ 2.83
When I opened Real Temp and CoreTemp I was like

on the temps. RealTemp 3.00 reads all cores at -36 c???! Then CoreTemp reads all cores at 126c(?)
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Programs will never be as reliable as BIOS Settings... Just check in Bios and compare that to whichever program is as close to the BIOS reading...
When you swapped your procs out did you reload your system?

In device manager does it show that you have a Q8200 processor or Q9550?
Yes, my computer says Q9550

Originally Posted by Midnite8
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Yes, my computer says Q9550

Up to date bios?
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Yes, latest version.
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