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Weird Temperature Readings

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Hey I usually use Real Temp and Core Temp but yesterday when I was using Prime95 and OCCT I noticed my my readings were something like this... 56 69 54 70...two were high but the other two were staying low. (i'm not having this problem today tho, all around the same temps)

Also my load percentage when using prime95 was at 25-27% today and sometimes my occt load says its at 50% percent, I close the programs off and begin again and they go back to 96-98% load.

Anyone have these weird readings sometimes and should i be concerned?
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OCCT and Prime95 should be getting all the CPU cores to 100% load.
You may want to try and re-download P95 cause like spaceballsrules said it should be 100% usage across all cores, no matter what P95 test you run (Blend,Small and Large FFts)

EDIT: I just realized that if you had the proccesor affinity in Task manager set to just one core it would stress one core at 100%, but that is 25% of the total CPU usage. Check that out and post back with what you got.
Why isn't it stressing all 4 cores to 100%?
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