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Weird, weird question about random HD access.

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Hi all.

Every 10 minutes to 24 hours (really random) my computer pauses for a few seconds, then reads/writes from my secondary (media) drive. I can see the spike of activity on my "off" drive on HUD.Vision.

All drives pass all health checks from every application I've thrown at them. this only seems to happen during high load times (i.e. gaming, or changing from gaming to browsing if I shut down the game).

It's the only problem I have.


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Shameless self bump?

Yes. Yes, it is.
The only thing I could think of is that its memory swapping to your drive. But you should have enough memory, considering your 4GB. This looks like a problem I had a few months ago: pc freezes, high disk usage but ram 50% not used, after a while pc continues doing what it was doing. Maybe you should disable memory swapping to your HD. Also check if there are any: system files/dll's/logs/program files on your secondary drive, they should not be there
I hope this was helpful, if it does not work let me know. Greetings.
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Any unknown processes running with the windows? Disable all unwanted programs.
No, no funny processes. This system has been swept back n front by just about every virus, malware and spyware checker available for free, and a few that aren't. Nothing running that shouldn't be.

It just pauses, I can hear the secondary HD spin up (it has no game or program info on it at all, period) and then the game or program resumes the very second the head makes the reading noise.

I'm so confused.

No swap files on the disk, but +1 rep for a clever thought.
Well I guess, that you need more options so. I don't know your experience so, I have explained everything.

- Bad sectors on the hard-drive.
- Disconnection
- Driver fail
- Improper Settings of programs.

Bad sectors.

If there are any bad sectors, it may give read/write errors that is freezing your pc.

Maybe your pc is disconnecting your secondary HD from time to time and because windows wants to mount the drive and read out the HD internal specs, the pc freezes. This can happen, when the HD has a bad connection (hardware) or The drivers are conflicting with a program/other piece of hardware.(software)

Improper Settings of programs.
Maybe a program is using the HD as temporary storage, or when the program is shutting down its trying to somehow read/write:
Its possible that your using the HD as storage for saved files, for your game. Considering its personal data, some programs store this in my documents or your primary file storage.

1. Make sure all the Cables are properly connected.
2. Run the HDtune Hard disk test, and see if there are any red dots after the test. If there are any, run CHKDISK (Start, Run, CHKDISK).
Run the test with auto repair bad sectors and files. If the program said that some sectors can't be repaired, than its probably a good time to replace it.
3. If the problem occurs again, see if the HD gets disconnected in "My Computer".
4. See where your Game's stores safe files or where you have your files.
5. Remove your secondary HD from your system and use the system for a while, to see if the problem persist.
6. Update your drivers, and look up if there any more people have problems with your specific HD/drivers.

Well this is about all, I could think of.
If it does not work after this, go ask a professional at customer service of your brand HD.

Let me know, Greetings.
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